How to tie a Wild Rag

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In case you’ve ever wondered how to tie a wild rag, never fear, the answer is near. I made a handy little video to help you!

And in case you don’t know why you’d wear a wild rag, or even what a wild rag is, I’m gonna give you a quick explanation of them.

Wild rags are traditionally made of silk. They’re usually square and come in many sizes with 36×36 being the most common.  Silk tied around your neck is really warm and insulating, but breathable. And in the frozen tundras of North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Oregon and even the high desert of Nevada, you’ll find they’re a staple of every cowboy/cowgirl’s wardrobe. And I’m certain there are plenty of hands that rock them down South too despite not knowing what “real” cold is; that’s okay. I didn’t either until I moved to South Dakota! All joshing aside, they’re handy and I admit to having a small collection of them.

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A couple things to remember — a square knot makes a square – so if you start right over left, you finish left over right and if you start left over right, you finish right over left. And if it’s not tied right, it’ll quite likely come untied on you. I like to knock my collar and hair out of the way, but some of you may prefer to put the rag over all of that nonsense. It’s personal preference here, folks.

Happy Trails! 

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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